Projects Out for Bid

Below are projects that are currently out for bid. If you have any specific questions about any project, please call (607) 734-4151 and ask to speak to the Estimator that is handling the project that you are interested in. If you have any problems downloading the project documents, contact Rob Stanton at (607) 734-4151 extension 6354.

Feel free to contact us to learn about other bidding opportunities that may not be listed below.

Alfred-Almond CSD 2021 Capital Project
Description: Construction of multiple primes for work at the Main Building and Bus Garage, work includes roof replacement, alterations to Classrooms and Locker Rooms, Exterior improvements, and Electrical System improvements.
Bid Due: August 13th, 2020 at 1:00PM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications (Volume 1): Download
Project Specifications (Volume 2): Download
Addenda: Addendum 1 | Addendum 2 | Addendum 3
Project Estimator: Nick Frabrizi x6364/p>

Wellsville WWTP
Description: Comprehensive upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant including but not limited to, the following: selective demolition of existing components of the influent channel and grit chamber, trickling filters, recirculation pump building, chemical building, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact tank, anaerobic digesters, solids dewatering facility and solids storage facilities and various other selective demolition components. The construction of a new screening building and mechanical upgrades for grit removal. The construction of a new landfill leachate storage tank and ancillary mechanical improvements including but not limited to feed pump, mixers and level control devices. The conversion of existing rock media trickling filters to plastic media biotowers and associated tankage. Construction of a new secondary clarifier and improvements to existing secondary clarifiers. Construction of a new chlorine contact disinfection chamber and new bulk chemical storage building. Modifications to existing chlorine contact tank for miscellaneous treatment processes. Construction of miscellaneous improvements to existing anaerobic digesters. Upgrades to existing mechanical solids dewatering process. Improvements to existing sludge drying bed pole barns. Miscellaneous improvements including replacement of hand rails, roof replacement, fencing, drainage, and grading. Work includes general site construction, concrete/masonry tankage and building construction, equipment installation and process piping, electrical construction, plumbing construction, HVAC construction, Instrumentation and Controls overall Supervisory Control and Data Acquisiton (SCADA) System..
Bid Due: August 18th, 2020 at 10:30AM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications: Download
Addenda: Addendum 1
Project Estimator: To Be Determined

Binghamton Science 2 Tower
Description: Binghamton University is seeking a qualified contractor to perform a partial renovation of existing occupied high rise academic science building. The work area is approximately 32,000 Square Feet. Work across 10 floors includes: asbestos abatement, and demolitions as required for new office and laboratory layout. removal and replacement of existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems in the footprint of the tower.
Bid Due: August 18th, 2020 at 2:30AM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications: Download
Addenda: Addendum 1 Addendum 2
Project Estimator: Nick Fabrizi x6364

Steuben County Office and NYS Court Alterations
Description: Interior and exterior alterations and renovations for Steuben County & NYS Courts offices and courtroom space located in four separate buildings on the Steuben County campus in the Village of Bath, NY.
Bid Due: August 20th, 2020 at 1:30PM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications: Download
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Project Estimator: Jay Cocca x6363